Бюллетень "Права Человека и Гражданские инициативы".
Спецвыпуск, ноябрь-декабрь 2008 г.

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Аналитические материалы

Situation of NGOs and Freedom of Association in Russia: Latest Developments

 The situation of NGOs and guarantees for freedom of association in Russia in the second half of 2008 – the first half of 2009 have been characterised by two complimentary trends: 

- decrease in the restrictive and punitive application of the NGO legislation, and

- public recognition by President Medvedev of a negative impact of the 2006 NGO legislation and his willingness to discuss and introduce amendments to the NGO legislation, announced by the President in his dialogue with Russian NGOs in Spring 2009.

“Freedom of Association under Threat: the New Authoritarians’ Offensive against Civil Society” (Freedom House)

 According to Freedom House‘s data, 43 countries showed a decline in their freedom of association scores between 2004 and 2007. But a trend analysis tells only part of the story. For example, Libya, Syria, Eritrea, and Saudi Arabia were stably restrictive, receiving the lowest possible score throughout this period. As we mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the present report illustrates the need to reaffirm and protect the freedom of association. It helps citizens hold their governments accountable.

“Expert Council on NGO Law First Annual Report: Conditions of Establishment of Non-Governmental Organisations” (CoE INGO Conference)

The thematic overview concerning the establishment of NGOs is in two parts. The first reviews the scope of international standards applicable to their establishment, notably in the European Convention on Human Rights ("the European Convention") as elaborated in the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights ("the European Court"). In the second part the responses to a questionnaire concerned with national law and practice concerning establishment are analysed.

“Defending Civil Society” (WMD)

Civil Society is facing serious threats today across the globe. An offensive against the spread of democracy has spread and intensified. This ongoing backlash against democracy has been characterized by a pronounced shift from outright repression of democracy, human rights and civil society activists and groups to more subtle governmental efforts to restrict the space in which civil society organizations (“CSOs”) - especially democracy assistance groups - operate.

“Contextual and Legislative Analysis of the Russian Law on NGOs” (ИНДЕМ)

 In November 2005, Russia came out with controversial draft legislation providing strict measures to control NGOs through a registration body at the Ministry of Justice. The draft called for the imposition of tighter registration requirements for NGOs, notification procedures for informal groups, strict monitoring of organizations, banning of subsidiaries of international NGOs, and limitations on the participation of foreigners and stateless persons in NGOs. 

“Choking on Bureaucracy: State Curbs on Independent Civil Society Activism” (Human Rights Watch)

Over the past eight years, the Russian government under President Vladimir Putin has engaged in efforts to weaken beyond recognition the checks and balances inherent in a truly democratic political system. A recent aspect of these efforts has been a policy to subject Russia's vibrant civil society to greater scrutiny and control, through a 2006 law that gives the government broad powers to regulate the activities of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

“Control & Punishment: Human Rights Implications of Russian Legislation on NGOs”

 This report examines new Russian legislation on NGOs, which was adopted in lateThis report examines new Russian legislation on NGOs, which was adopted in late 2005 and entered into force in April 2006. It discusses major concerns with respect to the provisions of the law, as well as its implementation, in light of international human rights standards. It also offers a number of recommendations to Russian authorities, which international actors are encouraged to bring up in their interactions with the Russian government.



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